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The Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act give you the right to access information and records held by government institutions.

Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and individuals and corporations present in Canada can request access to:

  1. General government records related to the operations of government institutions, such as information about government spending, programs, policies, or activities of the government. (Available under the Access to Information Act)

    For a general request for government records made under the Access to Information Act, there is a $5.00 application fee.

  2. Personal information about individuals held by government institutions for the purposes of administering programs and services. (Available under the Privacy Act). There are some exceptions.

    See exceptions

    If you are an agent or intermediary making a request for personal information on behalf of a client who is not a Canadian citizen and is not a person present in Canada, you must make a request for their personal information as an Access to Information request. For example, an individual requiring an update on the status of their application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

    Also, anyone can make a request for their personal information under the Access to Information Act. If you so choose you are allowed to request personal information as an ATI request. For example, a business owned and operated by a sole proprietor requesting records about government operations linked to their business.

    In both cases, you will be required to pay the $5 fee since you are making an Access to Information request, not a Personal Information request. Select the ‘Request General Records’ button below if you want to make this type of request and be sure to specify you are purposefully making an ATI request for personal information in the request details.

    For more information on either of these types of requests contact an ATIP Coordinator.

    There is no fee for requests for personal information made under the Privacy Act.

You can make both kinds of requests using this service.

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